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On a mission to make data science accessible to everyone.

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With his degree in Physics, Admond discovered and pursued his passion in data science and never looked back ever since. Being a data science communicator at heart, Admond's journey towards data science has been inspiring others.

His story and data science work have been featured by various publications, including KDnuggets, Medium, Tech in Asia, AI Time Journal and business magazines. Besides, Admond has been invited to speak at various workshops and meetups.

He is now on a mission to make data science accessible to everyone by helping companies to truly leverage the power of data science to drive business values and guiding students as well as professionals to go into data science field.

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Admond Has Been Featured In

Admond Lee Featured in KD Nuggets
Admond Lee Featured in Medium
Admond Lee Featured in AI TIME Journal
Admond Lee Featured in Tech in Asia
Admond Lee Featured in Towards Data Science
Admond Lee Featured in Experfy
Admond Lee Featured in UpCode Academy Think
Admond Le Featured in PORTFOLIO Magazine Singapore
Business Meeting
Business Meeting

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Admond worked together with me and the Chief Data Scientist for several months. He was in charge of data science project to build a crypto price prediction model using deep learning with millions of sentiment data points. His technical knowledge and the ability to work with multiple stakeholders surpassed our expectations, not to mention his prediction model that exceeded the required prediction accuracy.



He also worked on the documentations and explanations for Bitcurate data science stack. We would definitely recommend his data science services to any other companies

— Victor, Founder & CEO of Bitcurate 


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