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Influencer Marketing Analytics

Amplify your brand and story to the right audience at scale

With the access to millions of influencer profiles, we help you identify the right influencers that fit your brand message and target audience for maximum ROI. In fact, we go one step further by filtering fake influencers and followers to find the people that matter to you the most.

Social Influencers Network Analytics

  • Pinpoint the most relevant influencers that matter most to your brand from nano to macro influencers

  • Detect fake influencers and followers with confidence

  • Gain deeper insights into your influencers’ followers through followers segmentation to make sure the right people can always reach out to the right audience at the right place

  • Discover how social influencers are connected to each other to leverage influencers social reach with similar target audience

Campaign ROI Tracking & Insights

  • Estimate potential social reach, impression and engagement for each influencer before each campaign to optimize your marketing budget

  • Track your campaign ROI from engagement levels to social reach and get actionable insights from us for your next successful campaigns

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