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Why I do What I do


Simple reason — Passion.

Admond believes that every single idea is worth sharing. His passion for sharing ideas through words has been inspiring others and adding values to millions of people in various publications.

By sharing his knowledge and experience in data science, he hopes to make data science accessible to everyone, be it companies that want to leverage the power of data or aspiring data scientists who want to go into this field.

Data Science Consulting

Data science is what Admond lives and breathes. Beyond his passion and purpose, he wants to empower companies through data science services provided.

With his expertise in advanced social analytics and machine learning, he is currently helping digital marketing agencies and companies to convert investment into real ROI with actionable insights.

In other words, he aims to bridge the gaps between digital marketing and data science to help his clients gain an unfair advantage in marketing space.


"If sharing is the best way to learn and inspire others, then speaking is the best way to share." — Admond Lee

It didn't take long before Admond realized the importance of public speaking to share his knowledge, experience, and lessons learned with others to impact the life of many.


Since then, he has been invited to speak at various workshops, meetups, and panel discussion at renowned institutions. He is also the member of Money Mastery Toastmasters Club in Singapore to constantly improve his public speaking and communication skills.

Admond Lee Services

Introductory Consultation

Achieve Your Goals

Strategic Planning Session

Expert Guidance

Branding & Positioning Analysis

Grow Your Business

How I Found My Passion In Data Science

It all began from the summer internship at CERN...

The two-months internship period at CERN in Switzerland was a dream come true to Admond as a Physics student as he had the opportunities to work with top scientists in the world at the forefront of science and technology to study particle physics.


The "aha-moment" happened when he was first introduced to Machine Learning in one of the workshop conducted at CERN. Mind blown. He was so fascinated with the idea of how Machine Learning techniques could be used to classify and detect various microscopic particles to an extraordinary precision with such a huge amount of data.

The real excitement was not until Admond utilized Machine Learning techniques with big data in his research work. To be honest, he still had vagues ideas of what data science was.

As vague as it sounded, he knew that he had to find more.

Most importantly, he found his passion. This was when his whole data science journey began.  

Taking The Leap Of Faith

All the previous experiences had further reinforced his passion and established a foundation towards data science.


Determined. Admond took a leap of faith to do something different. He decided to complete his studies and graduate earlier to pursue a full-time data scientist internship at Quantum Inventions. Simply because he wanted to gain more technical exposure and to learn the full cycle of data science workflow from scratch.

He pioneered a data science project that eventually outperformed the accuracy of travel time prediction in the current navigation system.

The Journey Of Self-Discovery

Once Admond was back to Singapore, he had the opportunity to work as a part-time data analytics intern at mobilityX — a SMRT seed-funded start-up — when he was still studying.

Indeed, the experience came with lots of struggles and challenges, but the learning journey had been fulfilling and rewarding. It was this experience that laid the solid foundation for his data analytics skills moving forward.

Living With Passion

Today, Admond is a data scientist helping companies and agencies to convert investment into real ROI with actionable insights.

Being a data science communicator at heart, his articles have been featured in various publications and business magazines. As a speaker, his goal is to touch and inspire many more lives by sharing his knowledge, learning experience and even lessons learned from his past mistakes.

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