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Social Analytics & Insights

Empowering you with social insights powered by AI

With our AI-driven analytics, we turn social data into actionable insights for you to always stay ahead of the game. We enable companies and agencies to make better decisions with deep understanding of their brands, competitors and latest trends.

Simple reason. Better decisions. Better outcome.

Brand Monitoring

  • Understand how customers perceive your brand from the largest social media platforms, top news websites to popular forums and publications

  • Discover who is talking about your brand and how it impacts your brand

  • Understand your share of voice against competitors

  • Track social mentions, reach, impression and engagements to optimize your social marketing efforts

Trend Analytics 

  • Spot the relevant trends and make better business decisions

  • Identify trending topics and news of your interest. Skip the noise and get the insights that you need for action

Competitor Analysis

  • Measure your share of voice and compare it against your competitors to know how well your brand stands out and evaluate the success of PR efforts

  • Take a deeper look at your customer experience and benchmark your brands against competitors 


Web Analytics

  • Optimize conversion rates by identifying customers behaviours and characteristics on your website

  • Analyze metrics that matter the most to your business and turn the insights into a profit engine

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